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Category: Testing

How I Came to Be Autistic

I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at the age of 59. I was recovering from my first major depressive episode and my personal physician and my therapist both thought that I may be autistic Order Ditropan Online no Prescription , on the spectrum as what was once called Aspergers. I was sent for testing. That consisted of a number of interviews by a psychologist. My younger sister was also interviewed about my early childhood Buy Modafinil Without Prescription wallet Online health care medications , behaviors and experiences. They would have interviewed my parents had either been alive at that point. I took a multiple choice test consisting of 350 or so questions. Some made no sense, others went to the heart of social or employment issues. In the end, the multi-page report concluded that I was on the spectrum. What did that mean for me? Since then, the last three years, I have been working to identify those behaviors that are hardwired, autistic. I have had another major depressive episode, far more severe. Most of the adaptations that I used to keep my emotions under control have vanished. I have begun stimming Buy Cialis Professional UK , and had several meltdowns. It sounds bad. It is not. It is all part of the process of learning who I am, what my strengths and weaknesses are, and how I react to the world around me. The diagnosis was like getting a new beginning, a rebirth. I’m,…

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