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Asperger testing in adults

I received my Aspergers diagnosis in Dec. 2014, at the age of 59. While I had suspected it for some time, I needed to obtain a definitive determination. It is like I was reborn, and I now have to learn how to operate this unique, special mind correctly.

My testing, at the University of Rochester, involved both written testing and interviews. One of my sisters was also interviewed as part of the process. The written tests were extensive with one coming in at 340 questions. I enjoy test taking very much so it was no problem

, and the goal was important.

We have gone through a period

, in the last few years, where many in Hollywood proclaimed that they were Aspergers. If you have not been tested, so far as I am concerned, you are not Aspergers. It is not a fad nor is it an excuse for poor manners, criminal behavior, being an asshole or other failures of character and morality. Some folks want to excuse their lives by blaming Aspergers.

A lousy life is not an automatic indicator of Aspergers. Do the testing. Do the work.

I agree that the condition requires a great deal more research. I am reluctant to accept, without studies supporting, that so many women are Aspergers. Sadly, our culture seems to place social strictures on women that often will mimic Aspergers. It does need investigation.

Here are some sources for further information:

A blog titled Musings of an Aspie has a post that may also be of interest. Adult ASD: Self-diagnosis or Professional Diagnosis?

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