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I am an adult with Aspergers

It’s official. As Sheldon Cooper says “I’ve been tested.” I have been officially diagnosed as an Adult with Aspergers.

As for the rest of you, y’all are just neuro-normatives.

Asperger Syndrome Fact Sheet

Yesterday’s confirmation of my Aspergers has been rattling my mind. Still

, the doctor pointed out several things that I can hold on to.

It’s not my fault. All of those times I missed a social cue – it’s not my fault. I will never learn to read cues the way that neuro-normatives do, but I can learn to ask for explicit feedback from people.

It’s the way God built me. Just like I was never destined to play in the NBA. I’m good at some things and not good at others. I must learn to be pro-active in those areas where I am weak and not let what I miss define who I am.

As an adult with Aspergers , I have trouble with the social cues that neuro-normatives process automatically. I catch the big ones , but your face kinda looks like this to me. That raised eyebrow, twitch of your lips, narrowing of your eyes, nope, never saw it. I don’t know when to stop because neuro-normatives use social cues to signal their message. I need to learn to ask for more verbal feedback. And

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, frankly, y’all should spend a little more time thinking about your expectations.


I can’t read minds. If you want me to do something, be able to describe exactly what you want. If you feel the need to fault me more something, be able to describe exactly what I did wrong.

And, at age 59 and not because of any Aspergers, if you have your panties in a wad but can’t express why, don’t expect me to waste any time on the subject. Life is too short to coddle other adults or train them in the use and maintenance of a brain.

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