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Quirks, foibles and eccentricities

At the age of 60, it is difficult to look at your life and pick from it those behaviors that are due to Aspergers and those that are not. I’ve been Aspergers all my life but I was just diagnosed in Dec. 2014, so the last year has been a year of revelations Let me try to identify for you, dear reader, a few of my recognizable quirks, foibles and eccentricities.

The easiest one to name is a terror of loud noises. HATE fireworks. HATE thunderstorms. Also hate shouting people, especially angry, shouting people.

That leads to a second. I’m, at best, very lukewarm on the subject of other people. Mostly I hate other people in general. They’re unpredictable, don’t follow the rules and are apt to go off like a bomb at any moment for no reason at all.

I am very good with numbers and, when I worked, was an excellent accountant. I prided myself in being accurate and timely with my work. I like the number 3 , some primes and doing arithmetic in my head.

When I think I’m smiling

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, I’m not. When I think I’m happy


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, it may not show. And my tone of voice is often way off from my actual mood.

I still can’t read minds.

Give me a list, provide an example, tell me what to do. Self-direction and self-improvement are not abilities that I have in great measure.

I’m horrible with names and faces. However, I can usually find a location again after having only been there once.

The Finger Lakes Gaming casino makes my head spin. Noise and lights.

That’s a good

, introspective start. Now ask me if I care. 🙂

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